Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

What an honor it is for me to receive my first ever Blog Award!!!! My BFF Chris sent me this, & I am quite excited! Please see Chris' own blog, http://workforscraps.blogspot.com/ for a little more about her. Thanks, Chris!!

In the meantime, here is how the blog award works...

* Say thank you and give a link to the presenter of the award
* Share “10 Honest Things” about myself
* Present the award to 9 other bloggers whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design or to those who have encouraged me
* Be sure to tell the 9 bloggers chosen that you are giving them the Honest Scrap award and provide the guidelines for them

And here are the ten honest things about me....

1. I am a very emotional person. I cry quite often. Thank goodness a cousin of mine once reassured me that "crying cleanses the soul". I must have the cleanest soul on the planet for as often as I cry! I even have a really bad picture of me crying because I want to do a scrap page of it. Oh, & I have to say, I am NOT a pretty crier. Red face. Puffy cheeks. Swollen eyes. Rudolph's nose. Not pretty. At all.

2. I pray every day. Atleast twice. I should do it more often though. Praying keeps me grounded & connected. It makes me remember what matters most. I never forget to thank God for the many blessings He has given me. I am so grateful. Beyond words.

3. My kids are MY LIFE. They mean the world to me. I am one of the select few that hates the first day of school because it means that my kids won't be with me during the day. I love them so much. They are the best, & I hope & pray they will always know that.

4. I have many pet peeves. I hate hearing people complain about their kids. I hate when people drive through the parking lot instead of up & down the rows of parking spaces. I hate when the grocery bagger makes my bags too heavy. I hate having crumbs on the kitchen floor. Wow, I could go on & on!

5. I miss my grandma terribly. Not that she is replaceable (because she's not), but if God gave me the opportunity to pick a "replacement", I'd pick Paula Deen. And I would enjoy every dessert she ever made!

6. I know that sometimes my dear husband Jamie drives me crazy, but he's the greatest husband a person could ask for. He works full-time so that I don't have to work (for money, that is!). He commutes atleast two hours or more every day & sacrifices so much for the girls & me. I'm so proud of his accomplishments. I don't know that I tell him that enough. But I did this weekend for our 11th anniversary.

7. This one is tough: I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I love my life the way it is right now. I don't feel passionately about any kind of job or career. The only two things I always knew I wanted to do was be a wife & a mom. I just have no desire or passion for any other career. Is that pathetic of me??

8. I love Christmas. I officially started listening to my Christmas playlist on September 27th! I love the warm, fuzzy feeling & the heart-warming stories of the season. Christmas seems to bring out the best in {most} people. It would be lovely if everyone was like that everyday of the year.

9. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I get hurt easily. I take things personally. Every year, I vow that I won't let things bother me so much. That lasts for about an hour.

10. And finally, I will say that I enjoy doing things for others. I am a volunteer by nature. I do things for other people without expected anything in return. HOWEVER... A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. I don't ask for anyone to bow down & kiss the ground, nor do I ask for thank you cards or gifts or anything like that. Just a simple gesture of gratitude. That's all. And it really ticks me off to bend over backward & sacrifice things for myself, my husband, & my kids, all for someone to take advantage & expect more. It's just selfish.

Okay, there ya go! Ten honest things about me. And now, I am awarding this to 9 of my friends:

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Thanks again, Chris! What an honor!


scrappin{jewlz} said...

Thanks Michelle!

Erika said...

Thanks for the award, Michelle. I loved reading your list. I'll try and post mine tonight :) You're wonderful for "only" wanting to be a wife and mom. Those are the 2 most important jobs in the world, and the most underpaid. God bless!

Jingle said...

Thank you so much, Michelle! That is really nice of you!