Sunday, September 27, 2009

Merry Christmas.. Early!

I'm sitting here listening to my playlist of Christmas music! Yep! On September 27! I just love it! It's not even a freezing cold day out to get me in the mood. it's actually 69 degrees right now.

But, as an FYI, Christmas IS less than three months away! Why not start now with the music?!

Anyway, we rushed around last night getting ready for Sarah's game, & we got there, only to find they weren't cheering due to the rain. Noone called & there was no message on the football/cheer hotline. So guess what we did instead? We went to Eat 'n Park for dessert. The girls got sundaes, & Jamie & I got grilled stickies a la mode.

One final thought.. Today at church, our priest talked about how so many people devote so many hours a week to certain things, & how so many people are "too busy" for church. he said that Jesus gives us 24/7 & only asks for one hour a week at church. How can we deny that when we have so much? Something to think about!

Have a great week!