Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off to Texas

Hey all!

Jamie left this morning for his business trip to Texas. I usually handle his business trips pretty well, but for some reason, I was sad about this one. He made it there safely though, so all is well. He won't be home til Friday.

In other news, the girls & I (mostly Brittany & me) enjoyed a delicious meal compliments of the Knights of Columbus fundraiser at our church: pulled BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans (yuck), grilled corn on the cob, potato chips, apple sauce, a cold drink, & a homemade sundae. Yum Yum Yum!!!! I love when someone else prepares a meal for me! I'll be making a nice thank you card for them!

We also took a trip to Wal-mart this evening to do a bit of school shopping. I can't believe school starts in one week. (sigh)... I am one of those parents who is dreading the start of school. I love having my kids with me. I am sooo sad--more than you can possibly know--that it's coming so soon. It will be weird to walk just Brittany to school. And even weirder not to have Sarah at the elementary school. I'll miss them. I ♥ my kids. More than anything.

And now I'm off to find a little kitten that seems to be hiding. He must know it's bedtime! Good night!