Friday, September 18, 2009

On Hold... in AMERICA.

I love my phone. Okay, so it's a cheap-o little TracFone. But I just got a new one last week, & I love it! It's got a camera; I can play soccer (which I don't), Tetris (which I do & like), & Sudoku (which I do & love!). It has a built-in calculator & alarm. It also has a great calendar feature which is really wonderful--I haven't missed an appointment all week!!

The ringtones leave little to be desired though.

So by a stroke of luck, I got an email today from TracFone saying they had some new ringtones. Bits of actual songs, not the ringing bell-type tones. Actual songs! I love that! So off I went to their website & found two songs that I love: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift & All Summer Long by Kid Rock. (I know--two totally different genres!). I used my credit card & purchased both. But only one came through (the Taylor Swift one).

So I called TracFone to either see if they could get the download to work for me or just issue a credit on my account.

That was, ohhh, about fifty minutes ago. And I'm still on hold. Now, to be fair, they have been trying to help. But it's frustrating. First of all, my main complaint is that this is the second person I've been connected to, & neither person speaks English very well. I think I'm spending more time saying "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." or "I don't understand what you said." Frustrating. At this point, I just credit issued to my account. But geez, it's like the third degree. "Well did you do this?" "Did you do that?" UGH!!

I'm this close to just hanging up. thisclose.

~~5 minutes later~~

OMG. I'm going to scream!